Project/Change Management

Zenith Designs can provide Project and Change Management, stakeholder liaison and facilitate requirements gathering.

Zenith Designs can manage all or some of the aspects of your project. Zenith Designs can bridge the gap between external technical contractors and non-technical staff by explaining technical concepts.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture is critical in making your website/system easier and intuitive to use and making your information easy to locate for your users.

Zenith Designs can provide consultation on Information Architecture for your current and proposed websites/system.


Zenith Designs provides consulting on Solution Development, Change Management, Project Management, Process Re-engineering and Business Analysis to provide solutions to meet your business needs and goals.

Zenith Designs can liaise on your behalf or work as part of your Project team. We can provide a tailored consulting service to meet your level of requirements.

Responsive Web Design

Zenith Designs is experienced in producing Responsive Web Designs to suit your needs. Websites today are viewed on a variety of devices including mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop systems.

Zenith Designs can work with you to produce a product that will reach your target audiences no matter which platform they may be viewing your website on, using Responsive Web Design.

Content Managment

Content Management systems allow non-technical users to make additions to their websites such as adding pages, text, images etc.. Zenith Designs can supply Website Content Management Systems or work with your existing Content Management system.

Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress are some of the platforms we use. Zenith Designs can also provide training on how to use a Content Management system.

HTML conversion

Zenith Designs specilises in converting documents in Word or PDF format into W3C accessibility standards compliant HTML documents.

Zenith Designs can do all the leg work and provide HTML that can be pasted into your exisiting website or added to a new website. Mini-sites can also be made for very large documents such as Government Papers and submissions that have their own navigation to make them more accessible and useable for your users and target audience.


Zenith Designs was started in 2006. Zenith Designs started by offering Web Design and Graphic Design services and has since expanded into providing certified Project and Change Managenet consulting services to become a Digital Consultancy.

Zenith Designs has expertise and experience in project planning, change management, process re-engineering, stakeholder and vendor management and consultation, risk identification and mitigation and documentation preperation.

The Information Technology sector has developed rapidly and Zenith Designs has kept up to date with Responsive Web Design, designing for different devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Zenith designs provides semantically correct and accessible solutions adhering to WCAG 2.0 Accessibilty Guidelines.

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